Things To Do

  • Walk through the hillsides of the tea and coffee plantations and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the surrounding Konyak territory. 
  • Participate with the ladies in the tea plantation and learn how to pick tea leaves from them.
  • Interact with the boys at the coffee plantation and share your story or see/learn how we experiment with compost and mulching.
  • Pick oranges straight from the trees at the orchard while in season.
  • Try your hand at milking cows or learn how to make a fire and smoke meat.
  • Help the farmers in weeding their rice fields and share lunch with them in a worker’s hut.
  • Hangout in the village in the evenings sipping rice beer, or sit by the bonfire soaking in the experiences at the farmhouse.
  • Hike to the nearby waterfalls and forests.
  • Or just sit outside in the garden at night watching the moon caress the hills and millions of stars gazing down upon us.