Tattoo Workshop


Tattoo Workshop

In Collaboration with world renowned Naga tattoo artist Mo Naga, we are organising a workshop here at the farmhouse from 12-22nd december,2016 for tattoo artists and enthusiasts from across the globe. This event is a follow up after the Hornbill Festival (1-10 December) at Kohima, the capital of Nagaland.  The aim of this workshop is to promote and impart the knowledge of the traditional Naga hand-tapped tattooing that has been practised for centuries but about to vanish with the globalisation. We will also include tours to meet the tattooed headhunters. Limited slots of 10 persons per day is available and bookings/enquires are open.


Traditional Tattoo workshop at the Tea Retreat

Full board stay at the Tea Retreat

Workshop by Naga Tattooist Mo Naga

Hosted by Phejin Konyak


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