Aoling festival


Aoling Festival

Aoling Monyu  or Spring festival is the main festival of the Konyak’s. It is celebrated every year from 1-6 April.  It is celebrated after the completion of the sowing of the seeds in the jhum fields. This is done in order to seek the blessings of Yongwan,  the supreme God in order to have a bountiful harvest in the upcoming agricultural year. Along-with it, the advent of the spring season is welcomed as the ‘coral-trees’ starts to bloom which signifies the arrival of the new year cycle. For this occasion, the people brew rice beer in advance and slaughter cattle as meat consumption is a vital part of this occasion. The Aoling festival is an opportunity for the young and the old, male and female to dress and decorate themselves in brightly coloured handmade traditional embroidery and elaborate bead jewellery as they are a very colourful people. Red, black and white are the dominant colours in all their weaves, jewellery and art works. Dressed in traditional attires they dance, sing folk songs and beat the log drums. Friends, neighbors and relatives are invited to the lavish feasts where special sticky rice (nyük nye) is steamed in clay pots specially for this occasion and meat cooked in abundance in different styles, and rice beer (yu -shei) refilled in the mugs free flowingly. The men perform war dances wearing their headgears decorated with hornbill feathers and boar’s tusks, with brass skull necklaces dangling around their necks. The brass skull necklace or yanmeeng was only worn by warriors in the heydays of headhunting. All throughout the Aoling , the people play the log drums that echoes all over the Konyak land with a booming sound. This is also the time when the family of the deceased of the past year say the final goodbye to their loved one to end the period of mourning.


Celebration of the spring





Celebrating the spring from 1st till the 6th of april every year.

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